Firefox2 desupport now only 3 months away

An important milestone happened this week.

  • 17-jun-2008: Firefox3 shipped, Firefox2 started its 6 month end-of-life support cycle.
  • 17-sep-2008: Firefox2 is half-way through its end-of-life cycle
  • 17-dec-2008: Firefox2 will be formally de-supported.

It’ll be sad to see the ending of an era, and there’s still lots of details to sort out, including how to deal with Thunderbird2 support. However, when this happens, it will be a great relief for RelEng. We can finally de-support and mothball those 28 machines and just as importantly, we can simplify our automation  / unittest / talos code by cleaning out the special-case conditionals needed to handle Firefox2.

Only 3 more months to go…

[update: Mozilla’s 6month End-of-Life support policy can be seen here. And the Firefox2 download page mentions it also.]

4 thoughts on “Firefox2 desupport now only 3 months away

  1. Now if only those [*** expletives deleted ***] would get their act together and fix the most important bug in Firefox3 that they broke between 2 and 3…


    [John’s note: I’ve edited the language to be suitable for a professional forum. I decided to publish Falcon’s comment, with the tone unchanged, to show his obvious feelings on this topic. Regardless of whether this is a security “feature” or a loss-of-functionality “bug”, it is my opinion that the more useful place for this comment is in the bug, where more relevant people are involved… not as a comment to a mildly related post on this blog!]

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