The mozilla-aurora, mozilla-beta repos have moved

Late Wednesday night, we completed the project to migrate these repos: –> –>

This project started several weeks ago when we moved the repos and put symlinks in place. We did this so anyone using the repo in either location would see things working just fine during the transition phase. With all infrastructure pointing to the new repo locations, the last few weeks have been mostly wait-and-see, waiting for a quiet time between “the mozilla-centra –> aurora merge” on Tuesday, and the “enabling of updates on aurora” this morning. Late Wed night we removed the symlinks, and cleaned up http://hg.m.o to remove the duplicate entries.

If you see *any* problems, please reopen and comment in bug#652229. Special thanks to NoahM in IT for all his help in this project.

Other info:
* We added HTTP redirects to hg.m.o, and will leave these in place, in order to maintain existing URLs in any bugs that refer to the old and locations.

* People starting new patches for mozilla-aurora, mozilla-beta should reclone using the new or locations. Alternatively, more fearless hackers can update their .hg/hgrc file.

For more details see the original post to dev.planning.

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