Mozilla visit to Dublin City University and Dublin Institute of Technology

About the same time that Tristan was at the OpenWeb conference in Dublin, Ireland, I was also in Dublin, for a slightly different reason.

The record heavy rain complicated logistics a bit, but it was great to meet with people at Dublin City University and also Dublin Institute of Technology about opportunities in open source projects. There was lots of curiosity and interest about Mozilla, the work that goes into Firefox and even the very idea of working at a company that was all about open source. The impromptu corridor discussions about increasing involving open source were exciting. It was a jam-packed day, but I was really grateful it all came together.

Big thanks to Mike Scott, Markus Helfert, David Sinclair, Martin Crane, Maeve Long, Geraldine Farrell, Mary Regan and Damhait Harvey for making this possible.

(ps: when I say rain, I mean *rain*. (“More than one month’s rain fell on Dublin in 24 hours…”). Click photo for full story.

2 thoughts on “Mozilla visit to Dublin City University and Dublin Institute of Technology”

  1. My colleague David and I also gave a talk to DIT students the week after, and had a Mozilla meetup a couple of days after that. Didn’t know you were around!

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