41,598 test jobs in a 24 hour day

On 26sep2012, we processed 41,598 test jobs. Thats yet another new record.

To put that in perspective, almost exactly 5 months ago, on 03may2012, was the first time we ever did over 40,000 test jobs in a 24 hour day. See my previous blog for details and trend graph. Since then, we’ve crossed that threshold:

  • 40,207 (03may2012)
  • 40,648 (24may2012)
  • 40,972 (30may2012)
  • 41,492 (30jul2012)
  • 41,598 (26sep2012)

We’re continuing to build out systems to get ahead of this increasing load, but its worth pausing to note the sheer scale and rate of growth here.

ps: on the same 26sep2012, we also did 3,433 builds in one day. Busy day near the end of quarter?