Behind the scenes prep for B2G workweek

In case anyone missed this during this morning’s Mozilla Foundation call – here’s a quick summary of all the invisible prep-work that helped make last week’s B2G workweek so awesome.

1) Nightly builds
* now generated for Arm (panda boards), Otoro, Unagi, Unagi-ENG, Inari, Hamachi, Leo
* for that set of devices, we generate “nightly” builds twice a day. Once for 8am PDT morning. Once for 8am Madrid CET morning.
* … on each of mozilla-central, mozilla-b2g18, mozilla-b2g18_v1_0_1

2) Stood up an extra 250 slaves. More importantly, created 22 masters in AWS so we now have 70 masters total (with 30 in AWS) and can quickly burst-grow-capacity to create more slaves if needed.
* Reimaged 80 in-house build & test machines to optimize for Firefox OS development, based on watching load and usage at the last workweek.

3) Set up an alternate “birch” branch to use mozilla-inbound; By having b2g workweek developers use “birch” instead of mozilla-inbound, this allowed b2g-workweek developers a faster, less crowded, branch to land on, and reduced risk of blocking whenever a non-b2g change blocked mozilla-inbound.

Did all that work help? By all accounts yes. But of course, the proof in the numbers. Last week, 1490 checkins were landed, and all systems held super-responsive (>95% of jobs handled on time throughout the week, with one dip down to >90%!). Impressive to see the infrastructure handle the load like that.

Please give a big hug and thanks to RelEng/ATeam/IT, especially the following:

catlee, rail, hwine, armenzg (RelEng)
ctalbert, jmaher, jgriffin, edmorley, ryanvm (ATeam)
dmoore, arr, fox2mike, vinh, jakem, solarce, sheeri, klibby, sal, van (IT)

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