“We are ALL Remoties” (Feb2015 edition)

Since my last blog post on “remoties”, I’ve worked with ProCore, and Haas, UCBerkeley (again!) as well as smaller private discussions with some other companies. Every single time, I continue to find people eager for passionate conversations, and clear “ah-ha!” moments, which I find very encouraging. There’s also plenty of volunteering stories/ideas of what did/didnt work for them in their past. All this helps me continue to hone and refine these slides, which I hope makes them even more helpful to others.

You can get the latest version of these slides, in handout PDF format, by clicking on the thumbnail image.

Remoties are clearly something that people care deeply about. Geo-distributed teams are becoming more common in the workplace, and yet the challenges continue to be very real and potentially disruptive. Given how this topic impacts people’s jobs, and their lives, I’m not surprised by the passionate responses, and each time, the lively discussions encourage me to keep working on this even more.

As always, if you have any questions, suggestions or good/bad stories about working in a remote or geo-distributed teams, please let me know – I’d love to hear them.


4 thoughts on ““We are ALL Remoties” (Feb2015 edition)

  1. typo in your “we are all remoties”

    “we have 18 people in 14 cities in 4 non-adjacent
    timezones, with companies highest retention rate.”

    I think that’s a possessive — “[this] company’s highest retention rate”

    Great stuff.

    • hi skierpage;

      Good catch, and you are exactly correct! I’ve now fixed the typo, and will post this (and some other fixes) in revised slides after this next upcoming presentation. Thanks for spotting it and also for letting me know.

      ps: glad you like the topic, as you can tell, its near+dear to my heart!

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