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It’s been almost a year since I last had time to blog here. The work I did at U.S. Digital Service was intense, high stress, all-consuming, incredibly meaningful work – and worth every minute of the bizarre bi-coastal commuter-life I lived. It also meant my ability to blog here was practically zero. More on all […]

“Distributed” ER#8 now available!

“Distributed” Early Release #8 is now publicly available, about 6 weeks after the last EarlyRelease came out. This ER#8 includes a significant reworking and trimming of both Chapter 1 (“The Real Cost of an Office”) and also Chapter 5 (“Organizational Pitfalls to Avoid”). I know that might not sound glamorous but it was a lot […]

HOWTO fix “scanner warmup” error on HP 3330 printer

My trusty HP 3330 printer stopped working recently with a “scanner warmup” error displayed on the display. Prior to that, it literally worked flawlessly for years, so I was reluctant to simply go buy a replacement printer. Once I figured out these steps, repairing the printer took me under 10 minutes, end-to-end, using only very […]

“Distributed” ER#7 now available!

“Distributed” Early Release #7 is now publicly available, a month after ER#6 came out. This ER#7 includes a significant reworking of the first section of this book. Some chapters were resequenced. Some were significantly trimmed – by over half! Some were split up, creating new chapters or merged with existing sections of other chapters later […]

Human etiquette for more effective group chat

Group chat is a tool that helps people communicate, just like email, phone calls, and meetings. Used correctly, these tools help people work more effectively. Use incorrectly, they hamper work. Jason Fried’s post about group chat as yet another interrupt generator started a lively discussion — some interesting posts are here and here and here, but there […]