“Distributed” ER#6 now available!

“Distributed” Early Release #6 is now publicly available, just 25 days after ER#5 came out. Early Release #6 (ER#6) contains everything in ER#5 plus: * Chapter15 was renamed from “Joining and Leaving” to “Hiring, Firing, Reorgs and Layoffs”. As you might guess, this chapter covers the various mechanics around joining and leaving a group or […]

“Distributed” ER#5 now available!

“Distributed” Early Release #5 is now publicly available, just 23 days after ER#4 came out. Early Release #5 (ER#5) contains everything in ER#4 plus: * Ch.12 group chat etiquette * In Ch.2, the section on diversity was rewritten and enhanced by consolidating a few different passages that had been scattered across different chapters. * Many […]

Increase growth and revenue by becoming distributed

In my recent blog post about the one-time-setup and recurring-costs of an office, I mostly focused on financial costs, human distraction costs, and the cost of increased barriers to hiring. This post talks about another important scenario: when your physical office limits potential company revenue. Pivigo.com is a company in London, England, which connects companies […]

“Distributed” ER#3 now available!

Earlier this week, just before the US Thanksgiving holidays, we shipped Early Release #3 for my “Distributed” book-in-progress. Early Release #3 (ER#3) adds two new chapters: Ch.1 remoties trends, Ch.2 the real cost of an office, and many tweaks/fixes to the previous Chapters. There are now a total of 9 chapters available (1,2,4,6,7,8,10,13,15) arranged into […]

The real cost of an office

The shift from “building your own datacenter” to “using the cloud” revolutionized how companies viewed internal infrastructure, and significantly reduced the barrier to starting your own fast-growth, global-scale company. Suddenly, you could have instant, reliable, global-scale infrastructure. (Personally, I dislike the term “cloud” but it’s the easiest vendor-neutral term I know for describing essential infrastructure […]

“Distributed” Early Release #2 now available!

Last week, we rolled out Early Release #2 for my “Distributed” book-in-progress. EarlyRelease#2 (ER#2) adds two new chapters (Ch.12 one-on-ones and reviews; Ch.14 group socials and work-weeks). There are also a bunch of tweaks and fixes to the previous Chapters 1,5,6,7,9, including grouping related chapters into three sections. This is one month after ER#1. You […]