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My first encounter with a computer was when I was 12, at a school open day, right after seeing my first science fiction movie with robots-as-friends. I wanted to find out how this robot worked, and then how this computer thing work, and I was instantly hooked. Then it turned out that there were classes in it at Mount Temple Comprehensive School, Rathmines College, NIHE / DCU… and then it turns out you can even get a job working on computers…


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I took up Aikido in Dublin in 1991. Since then I have trained in Dojos (“schools”) in Ireland, Boston, Paris, Santa Cruz, Toronto and San Francisco.

For more information on this non-violent, street practical self-defense, check out the following websites for the Dojos I attend in San Francisco, CA, Santa Cruz, CA and Dublin, Ireland.

For some people, driving a car is about convenience. For others its stressful and something to be avoided as much as possible. For others again its about overt power & ego. For me, it is none of the above. I’ve no interest in 0-60 in a straight line in a flashy red convertible. BCSD and all that. Personally, I’m interested in controlled high precision driving – the more cluttered the environment, the more fun. Rally driving in Ireland always appealed, but I’ve never had the time, money or contacts to do that. And the movie “Ronin” still has what I think are some of the most stunning car driving scenes I’ve ever seen. In 1999, I attended a 2 day “Executive Protection” driving course just outside of Los Angeles. In 2005, I attended another more advanced week-long course in Florida with VPI International, part of Gryphon Security Both of these were outstanding.

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  1. Tammy Burgess
    10 Apr 2016 @ 12:28:45

    I saw your post in 2007 about how to restore Palm Desktop. I am DESERATE!
    My computer had to be wiped to install Windows 10. I still have the software and installed it. Now I am trying to take the folder of data and put it back so I can access it through the software. I have not been able to get it to “See” this user data.
    I don’t have the Device anymore, so I have no way to Hotsync anything.
    Please tell me if you know of a way to resolve connecting my data back to the software so I can retrieve my data.

    Thank you!


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