My Travel Journal

Holidays for me are not “2 weeks on the beach in the sun at some tourist resort”. Instead, I prefer going somewhere that doesnt get any tourists, where you can sit back, people watch and generally get lost in the local culture. What people do in “normal” life, when they don’t know they’re being watched is always fascinating to me; doing that in a culture that is very different to my own is doubly-fascinating.

Ideally, the trip should also challenge me a bit, without scaring me completely out of my wits, make me learn more about how other people think – even sometimes makes me question my own assumptions…

Its a beautiful world out there and to quote the Mongolians, “It is better to have seen a place once than to have heard of it a thousand times”.

I’m adding my travel logs here, as time permits…

(By the way, all the images here are low-resolution thumbnails. If you see one of interest, you can click on the thumbnail will show a larger medium-resolution image that fits on a typical computer monitor, and should have reasonable download times. I have very-high resolution originals for all these, so if you see something you’d like in super-high resolution, or even printed, just drop me an email!)

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