I’m writing a book about leading distributed teams. After years of working in distributed teams, and coaching/mentoring others who are doing the same, a book seemed like the best way to share all the lessons I learned the hard way. The kindle version is now available for pre-order on, and the paperback version is coming soon.

Anyone who has ever talked with me in person about this knows how passionate I am about distributed teams. This is my first full book, so I had no idea how much work was involved when I started writing – but the response from people who’ve read drafts so far encouraged me to keep at it.

If you have thoughts, opinions or lessons-learned-the-hard-way about working in / with distributed teams, I’d love to hear from you on twitter, on or on email (john at oduinn dot com). What worked for you? And probably just as important – what did *not* work for you? Anything you wish people had told you when you first starting working in/with distributed teams?

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