GSA’s Federal Cowork spaces

It’s only been a few months since GSA opened the doors on our pilot / prototype network of Federal Cowork spaces and we’ve already:

  • Saved taxpayer money, reduced paperwork and reduced disruption for the U.S. National Park Service during a tricky transition.
  • Helped with disaster resilience / continuity of operations for U.S. Department of Agriculture when a storm damaged their office earlier this year.
  • I’m personally also excited that these FedCowork spaces are already working well enough that feds are telling their fed-friends. Net Promoter Scores are important for gauging success, which is why so many organizations ask customers “net promoter” questions in surveys and seek out “influencers” to help raise awareness with potential customers. In Silicon Valley, Net Promoter Scores and influencers are considered particularly essential in the early steps of a new project as you gauge market interest and rapidly adjust based on what you hear. Real time feedback like this helps you “design with users, not for them”. Seeing strong word of mouth referrals like this – especially so early in a pilot project – is just delightfully encouraging.

Full details on all of this are in GSA’s official post here. Also, if you work in federal government and are interested in working in, touring or just learning more about any of these FedCowork locations, you can find contact info and location specific details here.