Jobs for Remoties

This is a list of sites I have used while hiring, and being hired, in various distributed companies. I hope people find this useful when searching for a “remote” job or a “remote” candidate. If so, please let other “remoties” know! And of course, if there’s any forums / job boards that you think would be helpful for me to add, please let me know.


My metric for deciding if a company has a good remote culture is a variation of the Net Promoter Score: “if you work remotely for a company, would you recommend the company to a friend?”.

Some sites seemed more focused on freelancer / short term positions, which were less of interest to me at this time, so I’ve skipped most of those, and only listed a couple here for completeness:

Some of these sites are better then others when search for “remote” jobs – for example, I think this site (which shall remain nameless!)  needs a little UX love.

As I noted in my book, employers posting job-listings on their own company website, should include the text “remote welcome” in the text of the job description. This makes the job description easier for “remote” candidates to find, even when cross-posted to a generic job board website.

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