Jobs for Remoties

While hiring and being-hired in various distributed companies, I have accumulated a few useful sites for remote job seekers, avoiding all the “make $$$ working from home” spam out there. I first posted this list 27oct2015, and have been updating it based on feedback over time.

While publishing my book last week, I realized the former blogpost URL was very long, so used the time to cleanup the post a little and move it to a shorter, easier to type, easier to remember URL.

Hopefully, people find this list useful when searching for a “remote” job, or a “remote” candidate. If so, please let others know! Of course, if there’s any forums / job boards listing remote jobs that you see missing from here, please let me know.


My metric for deciding if a company has a good remote culture is a variation of the Net Promoter Score: “if you work remotely for a company, would you recommend the company to a friend?”
If so, let me know and I’ll add it here.

Some sites seemed more focused on freelancer / short term positions, which were less of interest to me at this time, so I’ve skipped most of those, and only listed a couple here for completeness:

Some of these sites are better then others in terms of how you search for “remote” jobs – for example, I think this needs a little UX love. But something is better then nothing.

As I said in my book, for employers with job-listings on your own company website, the best first-step is to simply have the text “remote welcome” in your job description.

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