Nostalgia and excitement

…seems the best description of the last few days. Friday was a big day for several reasons. We: started building FF3.5beta99 (build#1) aborted FF3.5beta99 (build#1) after a blocker was found, and started FF3.5beta99 (build#2) pushed FF3.0.11build#2 to beta users started building TB2.0.0.22 oh, and moved office. The first four would have counted as a busy […]

Interesting commuter driving on Golden Gate Bridge

This morning (06:50am 28-nov-2007), a commuter went unconscious while driving her sport utility vehicle on the Golden Gate Bridge. With the sole-occupant driver unconscious behind the wheel, the car swerved out of its lane, and towards the oncoming traffic on the other side of the bridge. Another commuter reacted quickly, used his pickup truck to […]