Doctors Without Borders in 2009, by the numbers

Doctors Without Borders / Médecins Sans Frontières just issued their annual report for 2009 (click here for PDF). Some numbers that jumped out at me were: 7,932,403 Meningitis Vaccinations 1,419,427 Measles Vaccinations For comparison, I note that the total population of Hong Kong is 7million, and San Francisco is 800,000. That is a *lot* of […]


Trying an experiment this year instead of the usual tent. Some friends of mine had these last year, and they were great. Obviously, well insulated means warm at night, and cool in the day – all wonderful things at BurningMan. However, they also kept the dust down, and kept the light out, so you could […]

Burning Man Emergency Services by the numbers

Every year at Burning Man, Emergency Services handles a range of incidents. Here’s an infograph showing incident data for the last 3 years, broken down by incident type. The source data is freely published on, but I really like how they visualize the data. This layout is immediately familiar to burners and is visually […]

Burning Man InfoGraph

The countdown for Burning Man is well underway, so this infograph was a timely discovery. Amidst all the other data, the comparison with other large events struck a chord with me. The complexity of logistics at Burning Man makes 50,000 people seem like a lot of people… until you see it alongside Glastonbury Festival (137,000), […]