Infrastructure load for August 2012


  • #checkins-per-month: We had 5,803 checkins in August2012, another new record, which breaks last month’s record (5,635 checkins), which in turn broke the previous month’s record (5,194)…
  • #checkins-per-day: We had consistently high load across the month, 17-of-31 days had over 200 checkins-per-day.
  • #checkins-per-hour: The peak this month was 12.3 checkins per hour, and throughout the month, we sustained over 11-checkins-per-hour for 5 out of 24 hours in a day.

Overall load since Jan 2009

mozilla-inbound, fx-team:
Ratios this month identical within one percentage of last month. Again, mozilla-inbound continues to be heavily used as an integration branch, with 25.7% of all checkins, far more then the other integration branches fx-team (1.4% of checkins) or mozilla-central (2.9% of checkins). For comparison, I note that more people landed on mozilla-aurora then on mozilla-central.

Infrastructure load by branch

mozilla-aurora, mozilla-beta:

  • 3.1% of our total monthly checkins landed into mozilla-aurora.
  • 1.9% of our total monthly checkins landed into mozilla-beta.

(Standard disclaimer: I’m always glad whenever we catch a problem *before* we ship a release; it avoids us having to do a chemspill release and also we ship better code to our Firefox users in the first place.)

misc other details:

  • Pushes per day
    • You can clearly see weekends through the month.

    #Pushes this month

  • Pushes by hour of day
    • It is worth noting that for 5 hours in every 24 hour day, we did over 11 checkins-per-hour. For two of those hours, we did over 12 checkins-per-hour. Phrased another way, thats at least one checkin every 5mins for 5 hours.

    #Pushes per hour

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  1. @codepo8
    04 Sep 2012 @ 11:57:05 infrastructure load for August in Mozilla


  2. azakai
    04 Sep 2012 @ 13:41:12

    These stats are always interesting to read, thanks for posting this.


  3. @ccooper
    05 Sep 2012 @ 10:39:10

    See that # of pushes per month graph? That’s a fun challenge.


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