Firefox: now testing on OSX 10.8

Late last week, started showing two extra rows of green unittest+talos results. Those are because our existing OSX 32bit/64bit builds, which we already test on OSX10.6 and OSX10.7, are now also being tested on OSX10.8!

We test these opt and debug builds on OSX10.8 for incremental builds per checkin during the day, full clobber builds every night and all builds available on ftp.m.o. All the usual goodness, just like we do for OSX10.6, OSX10.7. For anyone interested in more details, check out kmoir’s blogpost, or bug#731278. Congrats to kmoir, on all the behind-the-scenes work needed to cat-herd this large, multiheaded project across the production line, only a few months after joining Mozilla.

This was our second big OSX10.8 project. In early July, bhearsum and edransch got OSX signing automation into production in preparation for the release of OSX10.8. For details of that work, the curious can read bug#730924 and bhearsum’s blog.

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