Free Software builds now also available…

… at

This special build of Firefox2.0.0.9 uses the exact same code cutoff time and cvs branch as the regular Firefox2.0.0.9 release, but was compiled with branding, logos and talkback removed.

As an aside, I didnt know much about this special build until recently, hence there was no plan to include this in our build automation work. However, looking back on, I see quite a few of them, and asking around, it was done manually once the dust settled on a given Firefox release. We are now tracking automating these FreeSoftware builds in bug#385783, with some related cleanup in bug#402582.

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  1. […] This follows last year’s problems with Mozilla packages. now has a (Not-?)Firefox “compiled with branding, logos and talkback removed” according to John O’Duinn’s Soapbox – download non-automated en-US free-software builds. Is this really free? What does it mean for Debian’s Iceweasel and GNU’s Iceweasel if so? I guess the GNU one will keep going, to avoid the auto-installation of non-free plugins, but it might allow more work to be shared. […]

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