Samantha the Jill-in-the-box

Not really work related, but I thought others might like this photo.

First, there was Mozilla letting you bring dogs to the office.

Then, enter Samantha.
Then, Samantha started playing with a basketball.

Then, Samantha started playing with a tennis ball.

Then, we got table tennis at the Mozilla office. (…you can see where this is going…)

Table tennis is very popular with everyone here – including Samantha! As usual, Samantha still wants to get the ball…She can *hear* the ball fine, but is too short to look over the tabletop so she can never see exactly where it is. So, she excitedly hops up like a JackJill-in-the-box to see which way the ball is going, and then drops down and rushes to that side, then hops up again, then drops down and rushes to the other side, then hops up again…. it took several photos before I got the timing right, and got this photo of Samantha at the peak of her hop!

Obviously, if the ball falls off the table, or someone fumbles a shot, its a quick race between both players and Samantha to see who gets the ball first!

In more recent weeks, we’ve all got better at table tennis, and also, she’s now a little bored with it all, so we’re able to relax a bit more when playing!

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