Housekeeping: Moving performance tests from Tinderbox to Talos (followup)

Last week, I blogged about us looking at old running systems and figuring out which ones could be shutdown. One set of machines were some old tinderbox performance machines, set up as a quick workaround well over a year ago(!).

As of yesterday, Alice has now got these same tests running on some new talos machines, and running in parallel with our existing tinderbox perf machines. We’re going to leave the two sets of machines running in parallel for another week-and-a-half, to make sure there are no surprises, and expect to power-down the old machines on Monday 25th February. Many thanks to Alice for bringing up multiple sets of new machines so that we could do this transition, and also have turnaround times be similar to what people currently experience on the older tinderbox systems. The details involved are tricky, but the curious can follow along in bug#413695, and the whole set of bugs linked to from that.