We have *how* many machines?

As best as I can tell, it looks like we have the following machines running on each branch:

02 machines for 1.8.0
+ 29 machines for 1.8
+ 88 machines for 1.9/trunk
+ 33 machines for moz2
152 machines in use today
+ 10 ref-images
+ 30 machines idle/waiting-to-mothball
192 machines total

1) These numbers do not include any community machines yet. We’re still working on this.
2) The 88machines on 1.9/trunk are made up of 40 builder, 23 unittest and 25 talos machines.
3) Most of those 30 machines marked “idle/waiting-to-mothball” were only discovered during this housekeeping. Some of these now have bugs to track mothballing and being recycled… we’re still working through the list. It was interesting to find out how many people were still using machines that they thought were supported, but which we did not even know existed, or which we thought were long desupported!
4) Its taken weeks to collate this data, and I’m still not certain we’ve identified everything. We need a central list that can be the single-source-of-truth for all these machines. Instead of doing this on various wiki pages, we’re talking with Justin, mrz and Jeremy to see if we can use the same asset tracking db they use when they install machines into the colo. That would work much better for this, but need some customization. Stay tuned…

We’re still gathering more info…to be continued in another blog post.

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