Some new faces in ReleaseEngineering

Belatedly, I’d like to welcome two new faces here in Release Engineering. Armen Zambrano Gasparnian(armenzg on irc) started last week, and he will be working trying to untangle some of our l10n infrastructure.  Lukas Blakk (lsblakk on irc) started here this week, and she will be working with Robcee on the unittest automation infrastructure.

They’re already digging into various problems, and in their spare time, have even started tempting us with homemade baking (a yummy chocolate with pecan and almond cake that didnt last 2 hours), and promises of more to come over the summer. Its our first time having interns here in the group, so its quite exciting for all of us. Next time you are in Building K, do stop by upstairs, and say hi.

(Oh, and I’m also glad to report that Armen seems to be enjoying the official dress code.)

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