Installing Ruby On Rails on osx10.4…

These steps worked first time for me: …with only two minor hiccups:

1)  The step to install RubyGems specifies v0.9.2, but this should be v0.9.4. The instructions work identically, just change the version#.

2) If you hit this error while installing rails:

$ sudo gem install rails --include-dependencies
Bulk updating Gem source index for:
ERROR:  While executing gem ... (Gem::GemNotFoundException)
Could not find rails (> 0) in any repository
$ sudo gem update
$ sudo gem install rails --include-dependencies

I later discovered both of these nits already noted in the comments. There was so many other spam comments there, I only found them after I’d already figured out the solutions myself! 🙁 Regardless of those two very minor nits, I found Dan’s set of instructions on to be outstanding. I went from complete zero to having a hello-world up and running in just a few minutes… all thanks to Dan’s hivelogic doc.

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