Brown bag: Intro to branching and versioning

Last week, I did a quick brown bag presentation here in the office. The idea was to answer some of the questions I’ve been asked frequently since we shipped Firefox3.0 and moved future work from cvs to Mercurial.

Tony’s suggested title of “All you wanted to know about the Moco Build system” was just a little over ambitious – that is a talk I’d like to *attend*! 🙂 For this brown bag, I focused on branching and versioning issues, including things like:

– what repo/branch is used for what release
– the different version #s
– the different flags used in bugzilla during triage and releases

You can download the presentation in PDF format from here. Its only 10 pages long, and its missing the verbal narrative, but it still feels worthwhile posting this for others to see.

If people find this interesting, I’d be happy to do other brown bags, so if you’ve any suggestions, please chime in, and I’ll see what I can do. This was also my first time giving a brown bag presentation here, so would love to hear comments / feedback /ideas on things to do better, before I find myself giving other brown bags!

(Many thanks to Gerv, Beltzner, BenHearsum, NickThomas for their help keeping me honest.)

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