Friday 22nd August 2008 was a big day because…

1)  …it was schrep‘s last day at Mozilla. Karen organized, amongst other things, a poster we all signed. As I was leaving my scribbles on the poster, I couldn’t help notice the number of other people who used the word “privilege” when talking about working with schrep. Very true. Very very true.

2) …Armen and Lukas both finished their internships here at Mozilla. One of the cool (and sometimes scary!) thing about doing internships at Mozilla, is that we dont have people come in and do mundane silly work – we put them on real projects, on the front lines, just like any other full time member of the team. Armen took on some really knotty problems around l10n build infrastructure, which made him quite the popular guy at the Summit, with his well-attended and lively presentation session. Lukas took on owning *all* of our unittest infrastructure, and started streamlining underlying infrastructure at the same time as working with many different folks to help stabilize test results.
This was our first time ever having interns here in Release Engineering, so there were a lot riding on this “experiment”. They both rocked (sometimes quite literally, thanks to the new wii Rockband setup downstairs in Building K). So we’re very grateful to be able to say “Goodbye Armen and Lukas as amazing interns” and “Hello Armen and Lukas as part time contractors”!

3) …after months of behind-the-scenes preparation, we finally rolled out Major Update from Firefox -> FF 3.0.1. There’s always lots of details to fret about when doing major updates. But it feels a lot more organized than last time. We’ve been building and testing this since December, so we were totally ready for this when we decided to bring Major Update forward on the schedule. (Trivia: in fact, we’d already handed the major update snippets to QA the day *before* the schedule was re-juggled!)

4) …after work, later that night, I finally started packing for Burning Man. 🙂

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  1. […] It feels like only yesterday that Armen finished his internship, and went back to Seneca. Ever since then he’s been continuing to rock, working with coop to untangle our old l10n systems, setup parallel l10n repacks running on our production pool-of-slaves, shaving hours off our release times and generally making life better. Well, now he’s graduated. And he’s back, this time working from the Toronto office! […]