Alice now on planet…

Earlier this week, Alice started blogging, after finally being nudged out into the blogosphere. For more details on Talos then you might ever think you wanted to know, just keep reading her posts on planet! 🙂

Her most recent post sounds fairly straightforward, but the devil really is in the details here. This fix really made a huge difference to IT’s late night pager support of Talos problems… and by extension, makes life much better for all developers using Talos. In my opinion, this is as important as the fix for the 2-3 per day intermittent Talos burnage…which was solved late May.

Obviously, these make Talos more reliable for others, and drastically reduce potential downtimes. These two fixes also mean that Alice and the rest of RelEng can spend less time on maintenance, and more time on constructive development of new features, and that IT’s support life gets a little easier.

All very good news!!:-)