2008 by the numbers

To help give a rough outline of how 2008 looked like in RelEng, I thought these numbers were interesting :

At 2008-01-01

  • 4 people (bhearsum, joduinn, nthomas, rhelmer)
  • 3 code lines (FF2.0.x, FF3.0.x, and a few straggler machines on FF1.5.x)
  • 89 machines

At 2008-12-31

  • 9 people (alice, aki, bhearsum, catlee, coop, joduinn, nthomas, as well as part time: armen, lsblakk)
  • 5 code lines (FF2.0.x, FF3.0.x, mozilla-191, mozilla-central, tracemonkey) all with full sets of build/unittest/talos machines
  • 269 machines

I tried to figure out how many releases we did during the year. According to https://wiki.mozilla.org/Releases , we did 40 releases during 2008. However, there’s some other releases I remember happening which never made it to that list, so I actually don’t know what the fully accurate count is. Regardless, “at least 40 releases”, that’s a lot!!

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