Fennec on WinCE

Aki got automated WinCE builds going yesterday! Isnt this awesome??!

Some quick details:

  • These builds are available for download from ftp.mozilla.org since yesterday.
  • The one broken build since yesterday afternoon / evening was caused by a patch merge conflict, which the developer since fixed, hence builds are back to green again.
  • We are building using the mozilla-central and mobile-browser repos that will be used for the upcoming fennec-on-wince alpha.
  • Disclaimer: the builds produce a zip file. Ted, Wolfe and Aki are working in bug#474530 to figure out Windows CAB installers. We also don’t yet have nightly updates available, thats still be worked out.
  • belzner showed me a link to a demo of a recent WinCE build.
  • Aki is swiftly developing a taste for fine Irish whiskey. 🙂

Nice work, Aki!

3 thoughts on “Fennec on WinCE

  1. I am getting the following problem on my device. Please advice!

    [fennec.exe] [X]
    The file ‘fennec’ cannot be opened. Either it is not signed with a trusted certificate, or one of its components cannot be found. You might need to reinstall or restore this file.

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