Thank you for the Open Design lunch

Yesterday’s Open Design lunch was really exciting. Lots of people, plenty of ideas, a guest appearance by Rob Helmer, lights, cameras, and of course pizza! 🙂 Thanks to Asa, Jono and Rhian for making this happen, it was great!!

Some of the ideas turned out to be for projects already in progress, and some ideas were completely new. There was also loads of emails and IRC before/after which was great. It going to take a bit to sort through all the ideas that came up, expect to see lots of lively followup discussions in

Also, apologies to those who missed it because they didnt find out in time, that was my bad. If I’d had my act together, I’d have posted about this in dev-tree-management beforehand, and also given people more advance notice, so they could plan accordingly. There will certainly be more Open Design lunches on this whole area, and I’ll make sure to get that right next time. Sorry. Meanwhile, Asa posted the video and irc logs of the entire lunch on

ps: After all the jokes yesterday about Lufthansa napkins, I thought people would be curious to see where all the napkin scribbling took place.

SFO->MUC is a long flight, so in quiet times, the flight crew would curiously stop by to see what that guy was doing, scribbling in the corner of the galley for hours on end. After a few minutes of pointing to diagrams and excitedly talking about cross-branch merges, incoming load variance, pool capacity planning, parallelization, trending data, they’d nod, smile politely and go away – probably thinking I was a complete nut or something. Oh well. I dont mind, it was wonderfully productive. And the entire flight crew were fantastic, totally totally fantastic. Note the proximity of the coffee machine and chocolate!:-D

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