Power off and recycle the last of the old Firefox2 machines

After the FF2 EOL on 17dec2008, and my earlier posts here and here, we’re finally getting ready to power off and recycle the FF2 machines listed below. The actual work is being tracked in bug#487235.

While these machines could be restored from tape backup if needed, doing that is non-trivial, so should only be considered as last resort.

What will change:

  • no longer produce FF2.0.0.x incremental/depend/hourly builds
  • no longer produce FF2.0.0.x clobber/nightly builds
  • no longer produce FF2.0.0.x release builds
  • remove the FF2.0.0.x waterfall page on tinderbox, as it will be empty.

What will *not* change:

  • FF2.0.0.20 builds would still be available for download from http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/all-older.html.
  • existing update offers would still be available. For example:
    • FF2.0.0.14 users who do check for update will still get updated to FF2.0.0.20.
    • FF2.0.0.20 users who do check for update will still get updated to FF3.0.5.
  • newly revised major update offers, like from FF2.0.0.20 -> FF3.0.9, could still be produced as needed (because these are produced on the FF3.0.x infrastructure, not on the powered off FF2 infrastructure.)
  • Thunderbird2.0.0.x use 9 other machines for doing builds, etc. These are not being touched, and will continue to be supported as usual until EOL after Thunderbird 3.0 ships.

Why do this:

  • reuses some of these machines in production pool-of-slaves or try pool-of-slaves, where there is more demand
  • reduce manual support workload for RelEng and IT.
  • allows us speed up making changes to infrastructure code, as there’s now no longer a need to special-case and retest FF2 specific situations.

What machines are we talking about:


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