End of an era – no more Firefox 2 machines

  • 24-oct-2006: Launch of Firefox2.0
  • 17-jun-2008: Launch of Firefox3.0
  • 17-dec-2008: End-of-life for Firefox2.0
  • 08-may-2009: Close bug#487235, as the Firefox 2.0 machines are finally gone.

We’re recycling the physical hardware to fix holes in our unittest coverage for Firefox3.0 and 3.5 -  you just cant buy PPC-based xserves anymore! 🙂 The VMs were “recycled” in the meta-physical-bits-sense, and new VMs are coming online to help with Firefox3.5. And obviously, removing these machines simplifies the life of RelEng and IT as we don’t have to support them anymore. All good.

Yet, to be honest, I feel a mixture of joy and nostalgia. They did serve us well over the years; just look how much Mozilla and Firefox and Thunderbird have changed between 24-oct-2006 and today!!

Somehow, “The King is dead. Long live the King!” seems appropriate.