Bike to Work Day

  • 5:15am: fall out of bed
  • 6:00am: left my house
  • 6:40am: left 24th & mission in a pack of 50+? other cyclists; “feels like critical mass”
  • 9:50am: arrive 42 miles later
  • 10:00am: arrive in meeting, after a quick rush cleanup

The route went along the east coast of the peninsula (see route here) and was *much* better then last time I did bike to work day. Sadly, because it was cold and foggy all the way, my Firefox cycling jersey stayed hidden under all the layers.

With a more efficient start, it feels like I could this could be done more routinely. The SF2G folks helped make it lots of fun, so I’ll try this again during the summer.

ps: Very glad that today was not called “Bike to and from work day” – I’d never make it.:-)

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