TryServer now supports linux-arm and WinCE mobile builds

Late last week, John Ford enabled mobile builds on TryServer. This is a huge boost to the mobile developers working on Fennec because:

  1. Fennec developers on linux-arm or WinCE can now confirm that their patches work on both mobile o.s. before they land, without needing to maintain two environments on their desk, or swap patches back-forth with other mobile developers.
  2. Firefox developers could never tell if their patch was going to break mobile builds. If a patch did break mobile builds, the developer would have to guess a bustage fix, quickly land it,  watch to see if that fixed the entire problem and maybe repeat. Meanwhile mobile developers were stuck with a broken build for the duration.

Obviously, doing these extra builds per TryServer adds extra load to our TryServer pool-of-slaves, but we’ve just added 20 extra slaves there to offset the extra load. We’ll continue to watch wait times, but if you see any problems, please file a bug.

Way to go, John – and all done by week#4 of your internship. Exciting start to the summer!!

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