Infrastructure load during May

Sorry for the delay in getting this posted.


  • We pushed 1,134 code changes to our mercurial-based repos. This translates into 12,345 build/unittest jobs, or ~16.6 jobs per hour, over the month.
  • We hit 108 pushes on May 19th. This is a new high-water-mark, by far the biggest load in any one single day since we start measuring. This was the rush of checkins to beat the mid-May code freeze date.
  • Mozilla-191 and TryServer now does linux-arm and WinMo builds, which creates extra load per push.
  • The mozilla-1.9.1 branch was more active then usual, as expected in the lead up to FF3.5.0 release.
  • The chart below shows no data for TryServer for the week of 1st – 7th May. This was because of our resetting of the repo, and is expected. The TryServer was up and being used, but this means TryServer numbers are too low.
  • We’re still not measuring load on Talos yet.


As each of these pushes triggers multiple different types of builds/unittest jobs, the *theoretical* total amount of work done by the pool-of-slaves in May was 12,345 jobs. For each push, we do:

  • mozilla-central: 12 jobs per push (L/M/W opt, L/M/W leaktest, L/M/W unittest, linux64 opt, linux-arm, WinMo)
  • mozilla-1.9.1: 12 jobs per push (L/M/W opt, L/M/W leaktest, L/M/W unittest, linux64 opt, linux-arm, WinMo)
  • tracemonkey: 7 jobs per push (L/M/W opt, L/M/W unittest, linux64 opt)
  • try: 9 jobs per push (L/M/W opt, L/M/W leaktest, L/M/W unittest)
  • theoretical total: (523 x 12) + (282 x 12) + (138 x 7) + (191 x 9) = 12,345 jobs per month = 16.6 jobs per hour.

UPDATE: TryServer supported for linux-arm and WinMo were enabled in the last few days of the month, so I’ve excluded them from the math, and recalculated number-of-jobs.  John. 17July2009

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