RelEng group gathering, July 2009

Last week was the first time that the entire RelEng group was together in the one place at the one time. We’ve grown a lot over the last couple of years, but the few times we met, we’ve always had some people who couldn’t make it. This time, we *all* were in one place at one time!

Armen managed to snag this photo before we scattered for various airports. In case you missed the introductions in last Monday’s Mozilla Foundation call, here they are again! From left to right:

John (jhford), Chris (catlee), Lukas (lsblakk), Aki (aki), Armen (armenzg), John (joduinn), Nick (nthomas), Ben (bhearsum), Alice (alice), Chris (coop).

Several large projects wrapped up at the end of Q2, we were already well into Q3 work, so this was a perfect time for us to step back, and figure out what next big projects to tackle in Q4, Q1. The group has grown rapidly. The scale of the infrastructure is growing fast (409 machines as of today, with more still being powered up). The complexity of the infrastructure is growing also, with a new mobile platform, and 3 new project branches, all added just in July. And a bunch of new o.s. requests that came in today.

All very exciting.

In addition to the scheduled topics, there was lots of impromptu discussions, and whiteboard drawing going on. Oh, alright, yes, there was also late night food, drinks and rockband! 🙂

For other photos of the week, and the creative-commons licence for this photo, check out Armen’s flickr stream here.

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