Firefox 3.5rc3 by the (wall-clock) numbers

Mozilla released Firefox3.5rc3 on Tuesday 30-jun-2008, at 08:00PST. This was the formal Firefox 3.5.0 release. From “Dev says go” to “release is now available to public” was approx 6 days (6d 16h 05m) wall-clock time, of which Build&Release took just over 2 days (2d 8h 45m).

15:55 23june: Dev says “go” for FF3.5rc3build1
16:30 23june: FF3.5rc3build1 builds started
21:48 23june: FF3.5rc3build1 linux, mac builds handed to QA
22:50 23june: Respin declared
01:05 24june: Dev says “go” for FF3.5rc3build2
01:10 24june: FF3.5rc3build2 builds started
04:00 24june: FF3.5rc3build2 linux, mac builds handed to QA
13:15 24june: FF3.5rc3build2 signed-win32 builds handed to QA
??:?? ??june: FF3.5rc3build2 update snippets available on test update channel
22:35 25june: FF3.0.11->FF3.5.0 major update snippets available on test update channel
21:30 29jun: Dev & QA says “go” for Release; Build already completed final signing, bouncer entries
22:05 29jun: mirror replication started
03:10 30jun: mirror absorption good for release
08:00 30jun: website changes finalized and visible. Build given “go” to make updates snippets live.
08:00 30jun: update snippets available on live update channel
08:00 30jun: release announced


1) Firefox3.5 was the first time we did a major update at the same time as the release. This caused additional RelEng and QA work and is included in the times above.
2) Our blow-by-blow scribbles are public, so the curious can read about it, warts and all, here. Those Build Notes also link to our tracking bug#499687.
3)The extra long wait before the end of the release, was to wait for feedback of possible issues from beta users of 3.5rc3, as well as technical and media preparations specific to this large scale release event.
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