linux64: now with extra builds and talos!

Some of you may have noticed this new item on this menu on GraphServer.

There’s been a lot of work with linux64 over the last few weeks behind the scenes.

1) There are now nightly and per-checkin builds available for mozilla-central, mozilla-192, mozilla-191, tracemonkey, electrolysis. Because we only have 10 linux64 build slaves, we dont have builders on Places, TryServer or the cvs-based mozilla-190/Firefox3.0.

2) We’ve got a pool of linux64 talos slaves running all the usual Talos suites, per build, on those same branches. You can now see those results on, listed just like any other OS. Just like it should be. 🙂

3) Caveats:

  • For the sake of speed, we’ve cloned the *one* preexisting linux64 machine (which dbaron? setup up), without generating a clean, new, refimage with fully identified toolchain. If you see any toolchain problems, please let us know, but as its identical to whats been in place before, hopefully it will continues to be good enough for now.
  • Unittests are not yet being run on linux64. This is being worked on as part of a bigger problem; unittests used to require doing a build first. This in turn meant we only could run unittests on platforms that we supported using for builds, so we dont have unittests on 10.4, xp, vista, etc. More on this as it develops, but its not complete yet.
  • We’re still working out some TBPL display updates to get linux64 showing up on TBPL. For now, you must use Tinderbox waterfall to see the linux64 builds. The curious can follow bug#532560)

Spinning up this new OS took work from most people in the group, and is the first new desktop platform we’ve supported in years. Very very cool work and a great way to end the week. Enjoy!

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