Firefox: now building on 64bit OSX 10.6.2 and linux64

Yesterday, TinderBoxPushLog started showing little green squares under “Mac OSX64” and “Linux64”. Guess what – those are OSX10.6 64bit and linux64 bit builds!

There are opt and debug builds, with incremental builds triggered by checkin during the day, full clobber builds run every night and all builds available on ftp.m.o. All the usual goodness.

If you are running on 64bit OS, and want to help, you can download the nightly builds from here and try them out. We tested like crazy in staging, so think it all works, but if you hit any problems, we’d love to hear about them, particularly with the nightly updating, or crash reporting.

As I type, the rest of the mechanics are still being rolled out to production in digestible chunks – unittests, talos, and release-build-automation are some highlights – but it is exciting to see this new-desktop-OS work rollout to production. The curious can follow the 10.6 64bit work here and the linux64 work here.

There’s been a ton of behind the scenes work to make this happen. Please send chocolate/beer/kudos to Bear, Armen, Coop, Josh. Also a special shout out to jlazaro, jdow for all the work imaging up 90 machines so these new OS came online with enough slaves in the pool-of-slaves to keep wait times healthy.

13 thoughts on “Firefox: now building on 64bit OSX 10.6.2 and linux64

  1. As bug 512489 says, Mozilla has been producing Linux x86-64 nightly builds for months, and I’ve been running them mostly happily. Is the change hooking them up to tinderbox and running tests?

    If I install a mozilla-central-linux64-debug build, will nightly Help > Check for Updates work? It seems the .mar file is only produced for normal builds.

    Thanks for all you do!

    • skierpage:

      1) yes, hooking up to continuous integration framework (buildbot not tinderbox), so we now get linux64 builds on checkin, along with unittest and talos, just like any other OS that we officially support. Also includes adding linux64 into our release automation, so we could produce linux64 release builds.

      2) We dont do nightly debug builds on any OS yet, so I guess you are grabbing an incremental debug linux64 build created on checkin during the day. Instead, if you install a nightly linux64 opt build from, you should get nightly updates. If you hit any problems with that, we’d love to hear about it!

      take care

  2. […] Sin embargo, parece ser que Mozilla está casi lista para ofrecer finalmente versiones de 64 bits, como parte de las alternativas oficiales de Firefox. John O´Duinn de Mozilla, ha publicado que los nocturnos actuales de Firefox 4, están siendo creados para Windows 64-bits, añadiéndose a las versiones de Linux y Mac OS X presentadas hace un par de semanas. […]

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