RelEng gathering in Toronto

The flight disruptions in Europe complicated the RelEng gathering in Toronto last week. Rail’s flights were canceled, and it took a while to find alternate flights that worked – he finally made it to Toronto, and it was great for everyone to meet in person. All united at last.

The week together was awesome. The advance planning is a bit of a headache, but the time spent together and the brainstorming of knotty problems make it all well worthwhile. With so many “remoties”, we’re used to being very a distributed group, yet there were a bunch of problems that we worked though in just the few days we were together. As always, I find myself leaving these group gatherings feeling excited by the things we’ve done, the major projects we’re working on next, and proud of the wide range of smart unique people in the group.

RelEng gathering in Toronto
(from L->R; standing: coop, bhearsum, rail, joduinn, catlee, bear, lsblakk, jhford, nthomas, aki; sitting: armenzg, alice. Photo thanks to Aki!)

ps: Rail’s going to stay in Toronto for next week also, to work with catlee and bhearsum, so if you see him in the Mozilla office, please do take a moment to say hi!

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