Fennec: now building on Android

Yesterday, Android builds started showing up on Tinderbox and they were green!

There are incremental builds triggered by checkins during the day, full clobber builds run every night and all builds available on ftp://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.org/mobile. If you have an Android phone, and want to help, you can download these nightly builds and try them out. Note: we still do not have nightly updates for Android figured out, so for now you have to remember to come back and re-download a newer nightly build to see newer fixes.

The curious can follow the rest of the Android mechanics work in bug#538524 as it is rolled out to production in digestible chunks – unittests, talos, and release-build-automation are some highlights still being worked on.

It is exciting to see support for this new OS roll into production. Please send encouragement/chocolate/beer to Bear, Armen, Coop, Aki, Vlad and MichaelWu for the tons of behind the scenes work they did to make this happen.

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