End of an era – no more Firefox3.0 machines

  • 17-jun-2008: Launch of Firefox3.0
  • 30-jun-2009: Launch of Firefox3.5
  • 30-dec-2009: End-of-life for Firefox3.0
  • 22-jun-2010: Formal “ok to poweroff” Firefox3.0 machines
  • 23-jun-2010: Firefox 3.0 machines are finally offline.

Personally, I have mixed feelings here – some of these are machines that rhelmer and I setup as I was first joining Mozilla. But probably the biggest feeling for me is relief! Removing these cvs-based, dedicated-unique machines will simplify the support work of RelEng and IT.

We’re recycling the physical hardware where possible, and the VMs in the meta-physical-bits-sense into new builder VMs in the pool-o-slaves where they can be more useful. All good and of course, you can follow details in bug#554226.

The King is dead. Long live the King!!

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