Infrastructure load for July 2010


July 2010 logged 1,838 pushes – very similar to last months 1,892 and almost our previous record of 1,971 in January. You can clearly see the drop in load between 3rd and 10th of July, caused by Mozilla Summit 2010. Oh, and yet again, TryServer was still the busiest branch of the entire infrastructure.

The numbers for this month are:

  • 1,838 code changes to our mercurial-based repos, which triggered 233,634 jobs:
  • 35,239 build jobs, or ~47 jobs per hour.
  • 111,603 unittest jobs, or ~150 jobs per hour.
  • 86,792 talos jobs, or ~117 talos jobs per hour.


  • There’s been lots of progress, but we are still double-running unittests for some OS; running unittest-on-builder and also unittest-on-tester. This continues while developers and QA work through the issues. Whenever unittest-on-test-machine is live and green, we disable unittest-on-builders to reduce wait times for builds.
  • The trend of “what time of day is busiest” changed again this month. Not sure what this means, but worth pointing out that each month seems to be different. This makes finding a “good” time for a downtime almost impossible.
  • The entire series of these infrastructure load blogposts can be found here.
  • We are still not tracking down any l10n repacks, nightly builds, release builds or any “idle-timer” builds.
  • Anamaria is getting closer to having dashboard reports like this generated automatically – something I’ll rejoice!

Detailed breakdown is :

Here’s how the math works out (Descriptions of build, unittest and performance jobs triggered by each individual push are here: