Breakthrough on Android automation

If you are watching closely, you might have noticed a small change recently to TBPL and tinderbox server and graphserver. The circled little green “T”s mean that the Talos suites tdhtml, ts, tsvg are now automatically reporting valid results on Android systems for every checkin on the mobile tree.

Of course, we’ve had automated Android builds for a while now – those little green “B”s on TBPL are Android builds triggered per checkin, and available like all our other builds on ftp.m.o. The big news here is that now we have 3 talos test suites correctly reporting green, each reporting their results to graphserver, tinderbox and TBPL. Just like we do for any other fully supported OS on our infrastructure.

This is still only the beginning. There’s still the rest of the Talos suites and all the unittest suites to get reporting green. But at least, we now know that the basic infrastructure works!

From RelEng this took aki and bear leading a ton of work, both within RelEng and also with ctalbert, jmaher, bmoss, mwu, blassey, and others across Mozilla… the list goes on and on. Thank you – each and all.

If you are interested to help get more test suites reporting green and showing on TBPL, please follow along in bug#538524, or ping aki or bear. At this point, the tricky part for us is that we cant enable broken/failing tests in production – that would close the tree. 🙁 Instead, we post the failing test suites on, look through the logs and then go ask for developers/QA to help fix the broken code/tests. Only after suites are green can we have them report on the production mobile tree, and TBPL.

ps: So far, we have only 3 (soon 4) developer boards in production to run these tests. This means we are struggling with wait times for the checkin load on mobile branch. This also means we cannot realistically enable Android testing on high-load branches like mozilla-central, or TryServer – they simply couldn’t keep up with the number of jobs to test. I’ve been unsuccessfully trying for a month now to unjam this, so if you can help us get more developer boards, please drop me an email – I’d love to hear from you!

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