Don Quijote in Tokyo

No trip to Tokyo would be complete without a few hours wandering lost inside a DonQuijote store. Best done late at night, after food and a bar or two. Their website doesn’t give you any idea of the madness that awaits you – and there’s no real way to describe it! You have to see it to believe it!

My personal favorite this year was the brightly colored stuffed-bean-bag-pigs cascading down from the ceiling. Sorta like what some travelers bring as neck pillows on airplanes, only…worse? better?

Last year while I was in the same store, my favorites were

  • the AA battery that you could recharge by plugging into a USB port
  • the USB plug-in fragrance dispenser
  • the savings bank with motion-sensor activated mouth
  • the full-size R2D2 robot-trashcan – press either pedal to open its head!

2 thoughts on “Don Quijote in Tokyo

  1. Hi, the images are pretty large on and it is far down until the next posting there. Maybe putting thumbnails into the posting and linking to large images would do as well? (Noticed this on th nice-car-posting already).
    Regards, Mic

  2. hi Mic;

    Thanks for the headsup; the images were showing up as thumbnails on my own site, so I didn’t notice a problem. As far as I can tell, planet.m.o is ignoring width and height attributes for img tags ??

    For now, I’ve posted a separate thumbnail image for each image in the last couple of posts, and will do that for future posts too. Hopefully that makes life better for anyone using planet.m.o – but let me know if you still see any problems, ok?