Improving Release Automation: closed bug#478420

We keep finding new things to improve in our automation, so are always filing new dependent bugs and then fixing them. In the 23 months since tracking bug#478420 was created, it has accumulated 163 dependent bugs, of which we’ve fixed 95 and still have 68 open.

For the sake of clarity I’ve left the 95 fixed dependent bugs here, closed bug#478420, and moved the remaining 68 open dependent bugs to a new tracking bug#627271. This was not our first “Improve Release Automation” bug, and it will not be our last. We still have lots of exciting work ahead of us, and more improvements to consider, and we’ll spin off yet another new tracking bug when needed.

While doing all this, it was interesting to grab a coffee and spend a few minutes skimming through the closed bugs remembering the dramas we’d solved, and being reminded how much our infrastructure and capabilities have improved compared to 23 months ago – for RelEng and for Mozilla. Very very cool.

One thought on “Improving Release Automation: closed bug#478420

  1. I still remember that late night session in Whistler we spent on “how will we get release automation on mercurial to work at all and what steps do we need” – it’s really awesome where we have come from there, kudos to everyone who worked on this!