Mis-communication in a rally car

This in-car camera footage was taken during the rally in Tasmania a few days ago, and catches some mis-communication between the driver and the navigator. The car was doing 118mph (190km/hr) at the final corner.

How people behave, and treat others, when things go wrong is quite telling. In this case, you can hear the first “sorry” while the car is still airborne. Also, they keep working together, and checking on each other, all the way to the end. Nice to see.

Best quote: “You cleared (flew over) the first fence, second fence you went through sideways, and the third fence you went through sideways.”

PS: In case you wonder just how hard can it be to give pre-written directions in a car, here’s a snippet from last years Circuit of Ireland Rally where the driver/navigator team worked really really well together. Note:

  • the navigator reads out directions in a non-intuitive way. The driver is already
    committed to the approaching corner, and has already been told what to expect around the corner. The navigator is telling the driver what to expect after the next corner.

  • the large LED display near the steering wheel shows 1…6 depending on what gear the driver is in. Green is normal, but red means the driver is running engine dangerously fast and should change gear. All other information is distracting, so is removed! This makes it hard to tell speed but you can get an idea how fast they are going by noticing the number of times the driver redlines the car in 6th gear.

2 thoughts on “Mis-communication in a rally car

  1. Quite a few of the 6th gear red lines seem to be due to a loss of traction, e.g. over a jump. But at 9:58 – 10:02 they really red line it. Very impressive.

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