More disposable branches! Alder, Holly, Larch

In case people missed it earlier, Lukas setup 3 new disposable branches recently: Alder, Holly and Larch, in addition to the existing Birch, Cedar and Maple.

As we move to the faster release cadence, it seems like more and more people are working in their own project branches, and then landing everything when its all done. Very cool.

All these builds and tests take place on the shared pool of machines, so the results are the same. But keep in mind, whether a project branch makes sense for your specific project really depends on how many people are involved in the shared work, and how long that shared work is expected to take to complete.

Here’s the guidelines we’ve seen make most sense so far:

  • If it is one person, working by themself, then a user repo and Tryserver is typically enough.
  • If it is a group of people, working on a project for days/weeks/months, then a disposable branch makes most sense. Just edit this wiki page to claim a disposable project branch, and you’re ready within a few hours.
  • If it is a group of people, working on a project for quarters/years, then a new dedicated project branch makes most sense. File a bug with details from here, and you’ll have your shiny new dedicated project branch in 2 weeks.

Thanks Lukas!