Welcome Hal Wine

I’m really excited to welcome Hal Wine to Release Engineering.

Hal has lots of experience in the trenches of Release Engineering, with a rare combination of experience working in distributed groups (not just solo!), working on small/embedded systems and working at scale. To make him even more unique, he’s a really nice guy *and* he even wears an occasional Hawaiian shirt! The only down side is that we’re now rethinking our previously lenient policy on bad puns 🙂

He’s reporting to me, and already helping bring more tegras online to help close out the “android as tier 1” project, while he’s also got his teeth sunk into a large interesting skunkworks project (more details coming soon in a separate post).

Hal’s based here in the San Francisco office, but you can find him on irc as “hwine”. Please do stop by and say hi – he’s already getting quite settled in as part of the family.

[UPDATE: Hal’s blog is now up and running here. joduinn 03-jan-2012 ]

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