Reviving Formal Friday

Its been a while since the 30sep2011 Inaugural Formal Friday in Toronto.

This was a great and promising start.

But since then, things have (mostly!) drifted back to the traditional software company standard scruffy tshirts/jeans/flipflops, with the occasional surprise ironed shirt / nice blouse / polished shoes.

In RelEng, we feel….no, we hope… we believe… there must be a better standard of dress-code hidden deep within each of us. So, the 5 RelEng people in SF took a gamble and came to the office on the first Friday of the month, 02mar2012, in formal attire.

(from left->right: lsblakk, aki, joduinn, jhford, hwine.)

Don’t be fooled by the all-black Aki; the photo does not do justice to his elegant black shirt/black tie/black 3-piece-suit. He trumped all of us that day, and several of us were humming Johnny Cash’s “Man in Black” for the entire day. Respect.)

The gauntlet has been thrown.

The next “First Formal Friday of the Month” is 06apr2012.

The question is: how will you dress on Mozilla’s next Formal Friday?

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