R.I.P. Carroll Shelby

On Thursday, 10-may-2012, Caroll Shelby died, aged 89.

Originally a chicken farmer, he became a race car driver until 1959, when heart problems brought his successful racing career to an end, so he switched again to focus on designing and building powerfully fast, brash, muscle cars that he loved to drive, including some great icons:

AC Cobra/Shelby Cobra

Ford Mustang GT390 (made famous by Steve McQueen in the movie “Bullitt“.)
…and several other

Dodge Viper

Ford GT

Even at 84 years of age, while a consultant on developing the new high-powered Ford GT, he still loved driving fast, and test drove the new Ford Mustang GT500 on a race track at 150mph.

I didnt realize until today that he was also one of the world longest living heart transplant recipients, having received a heart transplant in 1990.

A more detailed bio is available on his Shelby-America company website, on Wikipedia, The New York Times and The Washington Post .

4 thoughts on “R.I.P. Carroll Shelby

  1. Woah, didn’t know he passed away! I have a 67 fastback and had a 64 1/2, 67 and 68 coupe. The Viper, Cobra and Ford GT were some of my favorite cars growing up as well, so I obviously love his work.

    Thanks for sharing the unfortunate news,
    irc: bradf

    • hi!

      Thanks for doing that vigil. And yes, I agree from looking at the photos, you were definitely at the right location. Nice detective work.

      (oh, and a nice car too, btw.)